Hillmas Pro Equipment List

Audio Hire List


Allen&Heath ZED60-10FX 4-Channel Mono, 2 Channel Stereo
Allen&Heath MixWizard WZ4 12:2 8-Channel Mono, 2 Channel Stereo
Allen&Heath ZED-420 16-Channel Mono, 2 Channel Stereo
Allen&Heath GL 2800 32-Channel Mono, 2 Channel Mono

Allen&Heath iLive-T80 20-faders, 2-banks, 4-layers, 80-strips,
8-in - 4x TRS, 2x RCA, 1x SPDIF, 8-out - 4x TRS, 2x RCA, 1xSPDIF
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Allen&Heath iLive-T112 28-faders, 3-banks, 4-layers, 112-strips
16-in - 8x TRS, 4x RCA, 2x SPDIF
12-out - 8x TRS, 2x RCA, 1xSPDIF
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Allen&Heath iDR-48 iLive Fixed Format MixRack – 48-Mics
Behringer X32 40-Channel Input, 25-bus digital mixing console
DJM 800 4-Channel Mixer
DJM 900 NEXUS 4-Channel Mixer
DJM 2000 NEXUS 4-Channel Mixer


CDJ 900 CD Player with USB
CDJ 2000 CD Player with USB


Mackie HD 1221 12-inch two-way Powered Speaker
DAS Avant 12A 12-inch two-way Powered Speaker
Electro-Voice ZX 5 – 90 15-inch two-way full-range loudspeaker
Behringer B 1800 DPRO 18-inch Powered Subwofer
Dynacord XA 2 FX 12-inch Coaxcial speaker
Dynacord XA 2 FX 18-inch Subwofer

Audio Accessories

Powersoft Audio Digam M14D 2-Channel Power Amplifier
Powersoft Audio Digam M30D 2-Channel Power Amplifier
XTA DP 444 4-in-4 out Audio Management System
SABINE NAV 3600 3-in-6 out System Processor
TC-Electronic M-One XL Dual Effect Signal Processor
Lexicon MX 300 Stereo Reverb/Effects Processor with USB"Hardware Plug-In" Capability
Lexicon MX400XL 4-in/4-out Reverb/Effects Processor with USB "Hardware Plug-In"
Capability and XLR connectors
AKG Rytme Pack Drum Set Microphone
Shure BETA-58 Vocal Dynamic Microphone Cable
Shure SM-57 Instrument Dynamic Microphone Cable
AKG C-1000 Instrument Condenser Microphone Cable
Shure PGX 24 + BETA-58 Vocal Hand held DynamicWirelles
Shure PGX 24 Guitar Wirelles
Shure PGX 24 + WH 20 Vocal Head Set MicrophoneWirelles

Music Instrument

Genz Benz GBE-750 + FOCUS LT 410 Head AndCabinet Bass Amplifier
Eden Nemesis Head And Cabinet Bass Amplifier
Gallien Kruger 1001 RB-II + NEO 410 Head AndCabinet Bass Amplifier
Ashdown MAG 250 Combos Bass Amplifier
Roland Jazz Chorus JC-120 Combos Guitar Amplifier
Marshal JCM 900 Head And Cabinet Guitar Amplifier
Roland KC-550 Combo KeybordAmplifier
Gretsch New Renown Maple Drum Set
Meinl MB-8 Cymbal Set
Roland RD 700 GX Electrik Piano
Roland RD 700 NX Electrik Piano

Lighting And Effect

Mixer Controller

Crocodile DMX 512 Analog Cotroller
DMX 512 Analog Controller
Pearl 3000 Digital Controller
Light Jokie Dogle Digital Card Contoller
DMX 512 Dogle Digital Controller


Centurion Par Can 64 Halogen Par
DGT 36 Par LED Par Led Spot
DGT 52 Par LED Water proff Par LedSpot
Blue Sky 52 Par LED Wash Par Led Wash Moving
DGT 2000 Fressnel Fressnel @ 2000 watt
DGT HMI 2500 Follow Spot Follow Spot 2500watt
DGT HMI 1200 Follow Spot Follow Spot 1200 watt
DGT 230 Sharpy Moving Head Beam Moving Head Beam 230 watt
DGT 200 Sharpy Moving Head Beam Moving Head Beam 200 watt
Blue Sky 1200 Moving Head Spot Moving Head Spot 1200 watt


Centurion Twin Bubble Machine Twin Buble + Remote
DGT Dry Ice Machine Dry Ice Machine + Remote
DGT Confetti Launcher Nitrogen Confetti Launcher
DMX Smoke Machine 550 Smoke Machine + Remote
DGT 1500 Snow Machine Snow Machine + Remote
DGT Volcano Spreader Volcano Spreader Machine
Ballon Drop Custom Ballon Drop
Ballon Exploding Custom BallonExploding
Big Fan Shapped Pyrotechnic Custom Big FanShapped
Fireworks Custom Outdoor Fireworks
Wording Fireworks Custom WordingLences Fireworks
Pyro Stage Custom Stage FountainPyro
Waterfalls Fireworks Custom Fireworks

Lighting Accessories

LitePuter Dimmer Light Dimmer Light


Converter And Switcher

In Focus S-100 Converter Converter
Kramer SW 171 Converter Switcher HD Converter Switcher Distributor
Data Video SE 900 HD Video Switcher

TV Monitor And Projector

Samsung LED TV 40” Samsung LED TV 40”
Samsung LED TV 52” Samsung LED TV 52”
Pioneer Plasma TV 42” Pioneer TV 42”
HP LCD Monitor 17” HP LCD Monitor 17”
Epson X-300 LCD Projector 3000 Lumens 3000 Lumens, Ratio 3000 : 1
Hitachi NX-3000 LCD Projector 3000 Lumens 3000 Lumens, Ratio 2000 : 1
Casio C-3000 LED Projector 3000 Lumens 3000 Lumens, Ratio 3000 : 1
Hitachi HC-5200 LCD Projector 5000 Lumens 5000 Lumens, Ratio 1500 : 1
Hitachi HC-7500 LCD Projector 7500 Lumens 7500 Lumens, Ratio 1500 : 1
Christie HD-20-KJ HD LCD Projector 20,000 Lumens 20,000 Lumens, Ratio 80,000 : 1

Multimedia Accessories

Focus Frame Screen Projector 2 X 3 meter
Focus Frame Screen Projector 3 X 4 meter
Rigging Screen Customize

Video And Recorder

Sony VTR-8 HD Video Camera
Sony VTR-DV HD Video Recorder

Power Generator


Perkins 60 KVA 60 KVA
Mitsubishi 100 KVA 100 KVA


Stabilizer Matsuyama 10,000 VA
Stabilizer Matsuyama 5000 VA
Stabilizer Matsuyama 3000 VA
Stabilizer Matsuyama 2000 VA
Stabilizer Matsuyama 1500 VA

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